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If you are interested in using an automatic online voting bot, you can use a free proxy software. These programs have the ability to automatically vote thousands of times. These bots, however, do have limitations. First of all, they can only scale so many accounts and IP addresses at a time. In order to maximize their power, they need a good proxy pool. The best proxy software for online voting uses residential proxies, which are IP addresses of real devices. This ensures that poll websites will not suspect the automated votes as being manipulations.

Voting bots are a useful tool for a variety of purposes. You can use them to gain votes for a particular post, such as a Facebook giveaway. You can also use them to increase your Facebook following, join groups, and like and share posts. You can use these programs to increase your online following without attracting too much attention.

Some of the most popular voting bots are able to mimic human behavior and interact with poll servers using HTTP. They also use a proxy to avoid being caught. Voting projects try to distinguish between bots and legitimate users. Some of them set limits on the number of votes one IP address can cast, but these are easily circumvented by votebots. Others use CAPTCHAs to verify human activity.

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