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Best Asian Bakeries in Utah


Even if Salt Lake City isn’t often recognized as a top destination for sweet treats. We would like to recommend the following:


On 1700 South, right across from Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade, you’ll find the bustling new bakery Streusel. The shop is staffed by kind people who get a kick out of making authentic Danish sweets for customers.  

Karim Bakery

The pita bread, hummus, and baklava of Karim Bakery are legendary. Just south of Interstate 80, you’ll find this cozy bakery and general store on State Street. Rami and his family, the store’s proprietors, bake a variety of tasty treats in both traditional Middle Eastern and Western styles. 

Crème De Bakery

Mango-jelly shortcake Crepe Cake and Durian-icing shortcake are just two examples of the creative cake flavors available at Créme De Bakery, an Asian bakery. Carrot cake that’s soft and moist is my favorite. 

Chinese sweet buns stuffed with taro root paste, red bean paste, cream cheese, meats, and other flavors are Créme de Bakery’s claim to fame.

Fillings and Emulsions 

Both the 1475 S Main Street and the Salt Lake City International Airport locations of this high-end bakery are home to Mike Woods’ exquisite and vibrant macaroons.  

Adalberto Diaz, the shop’s co-owner and brains behind its legendary pastries, cookies, and cakes, has been featured on Food Network shows like Holiday Baking Championship and Best Baker in America. 

The Baking Hive

Millcreek’s 2300 East is home to a humming tiny café where a stunning display of baked goods, from gingerbread houses to baked beehives, awaits you. Carrot Cream, Suzi’s German Chocolate, Almond Raspberry, Coconut Butter, Triple Chocolate, David’s Luscious Lemon, and Caramel Buttercream are just a few of the cakes that adorn the display case. Soft chocolate chip cookies, baked s’mores, and a variety of gluten-free options are just a few of the delectable baked delights for one that they provide.

Tulie Bakery

Flaky bakes Creme Puffs and delicate cakes may be found at Tulie Bakery, which can be found around 9th and 9th or 15th and 15th. Tulie’s massive croissant display is aesthetically pleasing, and the shop is permeated by the scent of freshly made coffee. The Morning Bun, however, is the most popular item from the bakery. 

Vosen’s Bread Paradise

Everything you want can be found at Vosen’s, including delicious cinnamon rolls, Croiliners (a combination of a croissant and a German donut), a Bienenstich (a traditional Bavarian cake prepared with vanilla custard and topped with honey-glazed sliced almonds), and a wide selection of bread. 

For the past seven years, Hruska’s Kolaches in Sugar House has been serving up delicious, homemade kolaches.

Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop

The 434 East South Temple location of Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop has been serving the community since 1941. The cakes of Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop are legendary for their intricate designs. Although the raspberry cream cheese tarts and buttercream floral cakes win my heart, the cowboy cookies and exquisite Danishes are the real crowd-pleasers.

Délice Bakery & Café

The lovely array of baked goods is illuminated by the setting sun via the west-facing glass walls. Fruit tarts, exquisitely decorated cakes (Black Forest cake and tiramisu, to mention a few favorites), biscuits, brownies, and even gluten-free versions are just some of the baked delights available.

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