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Buy, Sell And Trade BLUR USDT – Importance Of Technical Indicators And Trading Charts


Buy BLUR/USDT With Crypto In The KuCoin Spot Market

The most well-liked location to purchase Blur is on the KuCoin spot market, which supports over 700 digital assets (BLUR). 

  1. Purchase stablecoins like USDT on KuCoin through third-party merchants, P2P, or the Quick Trade service. Instead, move your cryptocurrency holdings to KuCoin from another wallet or trading site. Verify the integrity of your blockchain network to avoid losing money by sending cryptocurrency to the incorrect address.
  2. Add your digital currency to a KuCoin Trading Account. In the KuCoin spot market, locate the trading pairs you want for Blur (BLUR). Put up a request to buy Blur with your existing cryptocurrency (BLUR). Buy Blur (BLUR) on the KuCoin Spot Market using the crypto exchange

The steps to start trading on KuCoin with BLUR/USDT are shown below

  1. Create a KuCoin account
  2. Protect your KuCoin with 2-FA
  3. Authenticate yourself on KuCoin
  4. Fill up your KuCoin wallet
  5. Start to trade BLUR/USDT on KuCoin

1. Create A KuCoin Account

To purchase BLUR USDT on KuCoin, you must create an account and enter your email address and password. If there is a referral code, enter it here and then tick the acceptance box. Move the circle button to the right until a new box appears on the screen to finish the puzzle. For confirmation, check your email. And return to the KuCoin log-in page after clicking the link. You are all set!

2. Protect your KuCoin Account with 2-FA Authentication (2FA)

Two-step verification, or 2FA, is an added security measure that calls for the account holder’s username as well as password. It assists in reducing the incidence of theft of identity and email phishing. A token/code, which can be obtained through programmers like Google Authenticator or Authy or through SMS on a user’s mobile phone, is the type of 2FA a user owns. The user must protect their backup key and look for the barcode. With their App for Google Authenticator, enter the Six-digit authentication number to enable 2FA. An acknowledgement message will then arrive, urging customers to keep Google 2FA bound to maintain security howitstart.

3. Authenticate Yourself On KuCoin

Setting up security questions and confirming your email account is the first step to authenticating your identity. Once completed, The status should read “complete”, and you should see the full account verification status. KYC is validated and accepted by KuCoin.

4. Fill Up Your KuCoin Wallet

KuCoin (USDT) allows users to store digital forms of money like BLUR/USDT using BLUR/USDT (USDT). Before depositing, read the tips and double-check your wallet address to avoid money loss.

5. Start To Trade BLUR/USDT On KuCoin

You can begin trading once your KuCoin account has been validated and financed. Choose your BLUR/USDT under “Markets.” After making your choice, click “Trade” immediately adjacent to it.

How To Sell BLUR/USDT On KuCoin 

  1. Go to the homepage of KuCoin P2P Fiat Trading and select “Sell”.
  2. Click “Place Order” after entering the total/amount you wish to sell and your trading password (The corresponding number of the tokens will be frozen).
  3. Please be patient until the customer pays. Please click “release digital assets” once the payment receipt has been confirmed. Next, input the trading password to release the digital assets, and the order will be complete.

If the buyer does not pay within the allotted time (15 minutes), the order will be immediately cancelled, and the frozen assets will be unfrozen.

Please do not release the assets if the buyer has marked “I’ve paid” but you have not yet received the payment. Please get in touch with the buyer right away via the order page’s chat window.

Importance Of Technical Indicators And Trading Charts

Trading charts and technical indicators are crucial tools for KuCoin traders. These tools allow traders to assess price changes and spot trends, aiding them in making wise trading choices. Traders can use technical indicators to spot price trend patterns, predict whether the value of a particular asset will rise or fall over time, and choose the ideal time to enter or exit a transaction. Charts used for trading can also assist traders in risk management by revealing probable price changes and volatility. Trading techniques can be tested and assessed for efficacy using historical price data and technical indicators. How to make a living as a trader to make more educated choices and raise their chances of success.

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