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If you want a house design with a 50 sqm area, then you can check out the ideas below. There are a few designs with a 2 storey building, and a single-storey one. You can also find a duplex house with 50 sqm and two bedrooms on two floors.

Duplex house of 5×5 meters with 50 sqm and two bedrooms on two floors

A duplex house is a type of residential building in which two or more units share common space. These houses are built in a community complex, owned by a property developer. Duplex houses are more affordable than detached single family homes. They also have added tax benefits, and owners often enjoy increased mortgage facilities.

One of the biggest advantages of duplexes is that they can provide healthy rental returns for the owner. However, finding a prospective buyer can be difficult.

Depending on the layout and design of the house, you can expect to find one or two bedrooms. The lower floor will include a living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

For some people, the ground level of a duplex house can be a great place to have a private outdoor space. This can be a semi-private area that can be accessed from either the living room or the bedroom.

A low-rise duplex house will have an attic on the second floor. The upper floors will have a master bedroom and a kids’ room.

For a family, a duplex house is a great way to live in a good neighborhood. It can provide a sense of community and lessen conflict between neighbors.

However, maintaining a duplex is more expensive than maintaining a single-family home. If you decide to rent out part of your duplex, you will need to get the owner’s permission.

Single-storey house of 50 sqm with one bedroom

A 50 square meter house can be a challenge to design and construct, but the end results can be as aesthetically pleasing as a castle in the air. If you are on a budget, you might be better off going the route of the frugally minded. This article will present you with a few low-key suggestions for your consideration.

The best part is the fact that the 50 m2 or square meter home is not a hard sell to the credit card companies, so you can keep your cash and get your design on. One way to make this possible is to choose a reputable architect who knows what they are doing. You may also want to do a bit of research on your own, as well. Lastly, don’t be shy about asking questions. That is the only surefire way to ensure that you are not wasting your money on the wrong house.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the big three: the single-story, two-story, and three-story. While all of them offer something different, the best choice for you is one that is suited to your lifestyle, budget and preferences. From there, you can choose a custom homebuilder who can create a unique home tailored to your needs.

Tiny house plans of 60 m2

If you have a small lot and you are looking for a low maintenance home then you may want to look into tiny house plans. The small size of your home allows for less maintenance and better insulating qualities. This will help keep your interiors from getting too cold in the winter.

One of the best features of a tiny house is that you can build it on a small lot and still have plenty of space for your family and guests. This makes them perfect for vacation homes. They are also a great way to save on your carbon footprint.

While you are choosing a home plan, check out the materials and finishes. Some options include: aluminum, wood, stone, and concrete. Stainless steel is another option that will give your tiny home a sleek finish.


You should also consider how much zoning laws restrict the construction of your home. These regulations may vary from city to city, so you need to do your research ahead of time.

One of the most important aspects of a home plan is the layout. For example, you should consider the location of the entrance. Also, you may wish to consider the placement of the stairs, as well as the distribution of windows and doors.

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