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Discuss the Best Consumer Research Tools to Use for Marketing


Consumer research is considered a sub-category of market research, which includes qualitative and quantitative methods. There are many tools for marketers to use when conducting their marketing research. Some people have the misconception that these tools take time to set up or cost money, which may not be true depending on what you’re using them for. Customers can be researched through various methods, whether in the real world or online.

1. Talkwalker | Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform

Talkwalker is one of the best consumer research tools for doing online research. It monitors online conversations about your brand, competitors, and topics you want to stay on top of. This platform uses real-time search, social media monitoring, and community engagement to deliver a real-time pulse on what people say in the world around you. Talkwalker’s Consumer Intelligence Accelerator platform gives you access to data, trends, and insights which can be used in your integrated marketing strategy. You can use it to track and measure events related to your business. This platform offers visual representations of data and reporting capabilities for specific content or campaigns.

2. Talkwalker Alerts | Google Alerts +++

Talkwalker Alerts is another way to monitor online conversations about your brand. You can also use it to receive information about competitors and specific topics. This is a great consumer research tool to see how your business is being talked about in the real world. It monitors sites within a particular category and only alerts you when your brand is mentioned, giving you the resource to view that conversation or post. This tool also allows you to create alerts for certain topics so that you are alerted when people are talking or writing about that topic smihub.

3. Free Social Search

Free Social Search is another platform that can be used to monitor and get insights about your brand, competitors, and specific topics. It provides visual representations of data and reporting capabilities for specific content or campaigns. This resource is designed to track your brand name and the overall sentiment of social media. It allows you to see how people feel about your brand and whether or not they are buying from you.

4. Quick Search | Social Media Search Engine

The tool displays content from all over the web to give you a general sense of what is being said about your brand. It also allows you to search within specific categories such as consumer goods, photos, videos, news, and blogs. It monitors personal accounts for usernames to pick up on people’s opinions about your brand. This can help you gain insight into what’s happening with your brand on different sites. You can monitor specific pages on social media and see what’s being posted about your brand and your competitors.

5. Google Trends | Analyze Search Queries

Google Trends can give you an idea of what people are searching for online. It’s a great way to see certain topics or your brand trends. This tool also allows you to use Google’s autocomplete feature to see what the public is searching for. Consumer research gives you insights into how people search and what they are interested in at that moment. You can get information about specific topics, your business, and your competitors.

Some of these tools are free; for others, you may need to pay a monthly membership fee. Using these tools allows you to see what people say about your brand and which topics they’re interested in relating to your business. It helps you generate more leads and gives customers a voice online so you can see what they have to say about your brand and competitors.

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