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Effective Techniques Used By Restaurants to Keep Flies Away 


Flies bring serious health risks and business damage to restaurant owners. It is imperative to keep flies and other insects away from restaurants to provide a healthy and hygienic atmosphere for customers. Proper garbage disposal and preventative measures are crucial for the hospitality industry since warm and humid weather attracts fruit flies on rotting food and house flies to waste. Thus, it is necessary to handle these disturbing flies to ensure a successful and pest-free season for cafes, restaurants, and hotels throughout the busy months.

Commercial heavy-duty fly screens provide the best ventilation for busy businesses like hotels and restaurants while keeping flies outside. You can buy them from Premier Screens, a UK-based company. They can either install it for you or send you a DIY magnetic flyscreen mesh. In all situations, their high-quality screens are durable and most in demand all over the UK.

How To Manage Flies in Restaurants 

Fly Screens 

During hot summers most restaurants keep their doors and windows closed and switch on the air conditioner for a cool environment. However, during pleasant weather the same doors and windows are widely open for a cool breeze to enter, also giving flies a chance to feed on food. This problem can be sorted out, by installing flyscreens on doors and windows. This not only protects the indoors from unwelcome guests, but it also gives a better view of outside scenery.

Electric Fly killers

To get rid of flies, think about fly boxes or electric fly killers, which can range from simple electronic gadgets to fly paper. These remedies help in preserving a fly-free environment on your property. However, your guests may experience a foul smell if they are sitting near the electric fly killer. Hence, choose the location wisely for the fly boxes and electric killers.

Pest Control

When the infestation is not only about flies, but also about roaches and bugs, then it is time to contact professional services. The pest control service can help you by finding the root cause of infestation. They carry eco-friendly compounds, which aren’t harmful to restaurants and food supplies. They set regular visits to ensure that the infestation is taken care of permanently.

Prevention method 

  • Maintain a clean area and adhere to hygiene standards to avoid attracting flies to food and rubbish.
  • Food and garbage should be handled safely, including food that has been contaminated. On spotting spills it should be cleaned immediately.
  • Provide training on correct food storage and waste management to educate workers in preventing fly problems.
  • Establish procedures using checklists and update training for continuous inspection and maintaining of hygiene standards. Any deterioration in standards should be addressed right away by locating the cause and taking the required steps to maintain a fly-free environment.

A cleanliness and hygiene environment is the best way to keep flies away from restaurants and cafes. Hence, always keep a separate staff available to clean tables and wipe waste from the floor whenever possible. This is the best way to keep ants, rodents, bugs, and roaches away from the space. Above all install fly screens to prevent mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects to enter the premises.

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