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Face Sunscreen SPF 30 – Is It Needed When It’s Not Sunny?


The need to wear face sunscreen SPF 30 is something that most people are aware of. Whether people actually wear it often enough is another matter entirely, however, most know that you’ll get sunburn if you don’t. The question is – do you still need it when it’s not sunny and at each end of the day when the sun is still largely hidden by the horizon?

Whether you’re a jogger, a keen gardener or just someone who loves the outdoors, it’s important to know when you’re at risk from UV rays. So, let’s see what the facts say. 

You DO Need Face Sunscreen SPF 30 When It’s Not Sunny

If you’re spending time outdoors at a time when the sun is either behind the clouds or sitting just below the horizon, it might feel safe to forego the use of sunscreen, however, it’s not. Sure, the parts of the day when the sun is at its most intense (10 am-4 pm) is the period when you most need face sunscreen SPF 30 to protect yourself.

However, you’re still at risk outside of these periods – even when it’s cloudy outside. There may be less in the way of the sun in the sky at each end of the day and when the clouds are out, but they can still get to your skin. UVA rays are the biggest culprits too. 

UVA Rays Shine Through the Clouds 

When you get burnt by the sun on a sunny day, that’s UVB rays hurting your skin. This is the type of sun damage that most people are familiar with, and many think that that’s all you need to consider. However, UVA rays also exist, and they’re a lot more insipid with how they damage your skin.

UVA rays penetrate clouds, as well as water and windows, so if you’re outside on a cloudy day, the need to wear sunscreen is just as important. Even when you’re sitting by the window doing your job at work, UVA rays can give you wikibirthdays sunburn while you’re still indoors!

Furthermore, if you’re outside when the sun is rising or setting, those UV rays are still present around you – or it would just look like night. That means that unless it’s dark outside, you should wear sunscreen every day, no matter where you go. 

Our Advice is Wear Face Sunscreen SPF 30 Every Day

If you’re able to integrate sunscreen into your daily skincare routine, you won’t have to worry about the damage your skin could be at risk from during your life. Those who choose not to use it on a regular basis can look forward to sunspots, dark spots, ageing skin and wrinkles. 

Sure, it can seem like a bit of a hassle to apply the stuff every day, but the benefits are clear – you’ll look younger for longer. Does anyone really need any more motivation than that?

What you do with your skin is your bag, however, if you value it, you’ll do everything you can to ensure you do remember to use it every fleepbleep morning. 

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