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Hair Transplant Shedding After 5 Months


One month after your hair transplant surgery, you may notice a certain amount of shedding. It’s normal. After three months, your transplanted hair starts to grow and may even be wavy or curly. In six to 12 months, your new hair is long enough to keep your hairstyle. In the meantime, you can start taking nutritional supplements to strengthen your hair follicles. It’s best to limit your physical activity for the first few months after your hair transplant.

Your transplanted hair will experience “shock loss” for a few days. It’s normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day. After that, it’ll cease growing and fall out as scabs. But don’t panic. It’s part of the process and will eventually fade and appear natural.

You will also experience some shedding after the transplant, but it will be temporary. It’s perfectly normal for newly transplanted hair to shed for two to three weeks. This is because follicles need time to recharge and regrow. While your transplanted hair may shed after five months, it will eventually grow back. The reason for the shedding is due to trauma to your scalp. When hair follicles bhojpuri¬†undergo a surgical procedure, the blood supply is cut off, so they cannot get nutrients and grow back.

At the end of five months, 70% of your transplanted hairs have penetrated the scalp. However, these hairs are thin and “frizzy.” These new hairs continue to look this way until they reach their natural texture. As they continue to mature, the hair will become darker and thicker.

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