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HOVSCO Ebike Review – The HovBeta


HovBeta bicycles offer lightweight and efficient transport options, perfect for city or mountain trails alike. Their high-capacity battery and hydraulic brakes make this model suitable for city rides as well as rugged mountain terrain.

HovBeta features a powerful motor that easily climbs hills. In addition, its regenerative braking system captures energy to recharge its battery pack for extended range. If you are looking for ebike sales visit Hovsco website.


HOVSCO’s 2023 electric bike line-up includes models tailored for urban commuting, mountain trails, and off-road exploration. Each bike features durable 6061 aluminum alloy step-over/step-through frames equipped with upgraded brushless gear hub motors and high quality batteries to complement its Shimano 7 speed shifters for smooth performance and enhanced exploration.

HovAlpha utilizes a 960Wh battery that’s more than capable of powering you from work to home on one charge. Additionally, its integrated torque sensor helps deliver power with precision when pedaling.

This foldable bike features Kenda fat tires for optimal traction on a range of terrain, while its suspension fork provides a smooth ride when traversing bumpy surfaces or uneven ground. Plus, its foldable design makes transport and storage simple – you can fold down its dimensions so it fits into most entryways and car trunks, making this bike perfect for apartment living or those with limited storage space! If you are wondering what bike size do I need, you can visit Hovsco website for review.


Hovsco may be new to e-bike world, but they have made quite an impression already. Their unique designs appeal to riders of all ages – and their latest step-over electric bike, the HovAlpha is no different; its high traction 4″ tires and torque sensor help it stand out among its competition of fat tire e-bikes. Their 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery provides enough power for over 40 miles when riding on pure electric power or 60+ when combined with pedal assistance!

This e-bike comes equipped with a free app to activate its manufacturer warranty and track performance data. Out of the box, this Class II e-bike performs like its counterpart and maxes out at 20mph when using throttle mode; pedal assist mode can reach 28mph speeds for extra safety measures koiusa. Furthermore, there’s a battery status indicator and headlight available via its app for easier use.


HOVSCO is an innovative new e-bike company offering an affordable selection of mountain, trail, commuter and all-terrain models.

One of the more notable models is the HovRanger, a Class-3 electric bike designed specifically for mountain use. Its innovative design offers superior ride comfort to riders of all heights; additional features include hydraulic brakes and an emergency light on its battery pack.

HovAlpha stands out as a fat tire e-bike equipped with many innovative features. This model boasts a powerful motor, high capacity battery that doubles as headlight and torque sensor that set it apart from competitors.


HOVSCO offers an assortment of electric bikes designed to meet urban commuting, mountain biking and off-road riding needs. Their bikes feature durable 6061 aluminum alloy step-over and step-through frames equipped with upgraded brushless gear hub motors, high quality batteries and Shimano 7 speed shifters – as well as outstanding customer service and an industry leading warranty program detectmind.

HOVCO’s flagship model, the HovAlpha Ebike is an outstanding step-through fat tire Ebike with a powerful motor and comfortable ride, boasting impressive handling and torque sensor technology that make it a remarkable value compared to similarly priced E-bikes.

Other noteworthy features of the HovAlpha include its front suspension fork, which reduces vibration and allows you to ride more comfortably over uneven surfaces. Furthermore, this bike comes equipped with a 48V 960Wh Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery that offers up to 40 miles in pedal assist mode and recharges within four hours – it even features its own built-in lock for extra security! Furthermore, its smooth weld finish and sleek design give the HovAlpha an air of premium sophistication.

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