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How to Install Vinyl Stickers Using the Wet Method


There are a few key steps to installing vinyl stickers using the wet method. First, you need to wet the sticker’s surface with a solution of 5% soap and 95% water. Doing this will give you enough time to reposition your sticker and remove any bubbles. Then, wait a few minutes for the soapy water to dry.

Next, you need to clean the surface where you are going to apply the decal. Ideally, you want it as clean as possible. You should also use a pencil to mark where the decal should be applied. You should then wet the vinyl with Ivory Liquid or Glass Plus, but do not use a window cleaner containing ammonia, as this could damage the decal.

After cleaning the surface, you can spray the vinyl image. Be careful not to pull or stretch the vinyl. Once the vinyl has been thoroughly wet, use a squeegee to squeeze out any bubbles or fluid that may be under the decal. Wait for the vinyl to dry for at least 30 minutes before you remove it.

If you’re using reflective vinyl, you can skip the wet application method. You can also create your own application fluid by diluting four drops of dishwashing liquid with a quart of water. Alternatively, you can use baby shampoo or Dawn dishwashing liquid. Then, place the decal on the desired side of the window and mask the area with masking tape. Once it’s dry, peel off the waxy liner and your decal should be on the desired side.

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