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The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water


The debate about reverse osmosis water continues to be one of the most heated in America. While its naysayers point to the fact that RO uses a significant amount of water, it does provide important health benefits. For example, one of the most important tasks we can perform with water is hand washing. In addition to saving water, hand washing also helps prevent illness and other diseases.

A reverse osmosis water filter is a water purification unit that uses a process called coagulation to filter out water contaminants. It works by treating water with a polymer to initiate coagulation. It then filters the water through a multi-media filter to remove turbidity. The final step of the process is the clarification of water.

The process of reverse osmosis water filtration can remove over 99 percent of the dissolved salts and other impurities. It also removes particles, colloids, and organics. Moreover, it removes bacteria and pyrogens. Reverse osmosis water filters reject contaminants with a molecular weight (MW) of greater than 18. This means that the higher the MW of the contaminant, the less likely it is to pass through the RO membrane.

Another benefit of reverse osmosis water filtration is that it speeds up the recycling process. The process itself doesn’t use much energy. It produces a small amount of waste water for every gallon of water it produces. And unlike other filtration methods, it doesn’t introduce any new chemicals into the water supply.

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